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From a Christian perspective, the author takes her readers on a journey that defies myths surrounding the sexual harassment crisis. No matter how bad the experience, God will make it work together for the good, teaching to trust and lean on Him as Source for strength from within and gives hinds’ feet to progress on the dangerous heights of testing and trouble. In this poignant and empowering read, the author proves to her readers that the gift of forgiveness is true and the necessity to replace bitterness, unforgiveness, and unkindness with forgiveness, compassion, and love. The author encourages others to see the world the way Jesus did by taking God at His Word that no matter how dark and cold the world can get, God is Refuge and Strength when it comes to successfully navigating pitfalls. She shares how to use the Christian’s armor to let offenses slide off like water off a duck’s back. In a world where injustice seems to be the norm, she uses experiences to gives self-help tips to successfully navigate sexual harassment, women inequality, racism, and malicious smear campaigns God’s way. 

"After flipping through the pages of Ms. Dawson’s book, I had to put down the Michelle Obama book…” - 

Mrs. McKie. 

"Don’t Resign, a poignant, moving read that made me feel a lot of host of different emotions..."  - 

Redheaded Book Lover



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STOP Sexual Harassment In The Federal Government!

The statistics surrounding workplace violence against women are staggering. It is the responsibility of the employer to protect its employees. There are several steps that should be taken to help women. 

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Don’t Resign…Don’t Give Up!

Don't let the offender have the power over your life. We are taking strides for better federal laws prohibiting employers from firing women who have been a victim of domestic violence, sexual harassment in the workplace, and stalking. Thus, we require  employers to make reasonable efforts to really protect.  

Regardless of profession, all women are at far higher risk of sexual harassment than their male counterparts. Violent men track down their girlfriends, wives, estranged wives, ex-wives, or female subordinates at work and after work with murderous intent. Homicide is a leading cause of work-related death for women, second only to roadway incidents.  

Encourage Reporting and Make Reasonable Changes

The HR Daily Advisor suggests that victims must feel comfortable telling their employer about violent partners, sexual harassment, sexual assaults, and stalking as this allows accommodating and places high alert from any warning signs about this behavior. 

It’s important to make your employee more difficult to find. This can be done by changing the worker’s number, relocating their desk or classroom, or moving them to a different work location (for example, a different office) and adjusting their work schedule. 

Secure the Workplace

It can be difficult to restrict access to some workplaces, but this should be done to the extent possible. 

Security and the police should be immediately notified.  

Special precautions may be needed while the victim is arriving at and departing from the workplace.

Source: The HR Daily Advisor 

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Stronger laws are desperately needed against sexual harassment in the workforce

Don’t Resign is built upon my life experience. Unlike others, I was able to survive the tyranny of being purged from public services in federal government, by the grace of God.

As a Christian, I always make sure to give glory to God. He used this situation as a platform to reach out to Congress and say how desperately we need to change the laws particularly, the way that women are treated regarding sexual harassment in the federal government.”


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